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Breeding Contract


Alivia's Appaloosas Shipped Semen Contract

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Cooled shipped semen contract

2010 Contract.


This certifies_______________________, herein referred to as legal Mare owner/leasee, has engaged to
purchase one breeding service to:__A CANADIAN NAVAJO___for the year 2002 breeding season at
$_____________. (PLUS SHIPPING FEES.),in US Funds.

To the following Mare:___________________________Reg.No.___________.
Breed__________________ Year Foaled:______________.
Dam :_________________________________#___________.

ALIVIAS APPALOOSAS, owner of above stallion(s), is herein referred to as Breeder.
Breeding season shall begin February 1 and close June 30 of the year stated on the contract.

1) A completed stallion contract and photocopy of both sides of mares registration papers, will be on file
before the first shipment of semen. Legal name on registration papers should match this contract OR copy of a Lease be provided. If names do not match ownership or lease papers, breeding will not begin.

2) Stallion fee of: ($___500.___________) includes nonrefundable booking fee of ($_100.00___ ),
Plus -Chute Fee ($__350.00 ___________) payable upon execution of this contract,
Other ($__SHIPPING____________)
Total ($______________).

All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the mare owner. We suggest you insure the Equitaner
during shipping. (Airlines can lose them occassionally.) The return of the Equitainer shall be shipped
within 72 hrs. from delivery, or shall be charged a late fee of $25. per day, up to replacement value of the
Equitainer. Not to exceed $400.00

3) Mare Owner agrees to the following for EACH shipment of semen: ($350. Chute Fee), PLUS Payment in
advance of shipping for preparation/shipping via Fed-Ex for traditional Monday-Friday shipping. Saturday
delivery additional cost is the responsibility of the Mare owner.
Shipment requests MUST be ordered by 10 A.M. Mountain Time/ 24 hrs in advance to be shipped!!!

4) Same day shipping (counter to counter), will necessitate an additional $150 fee .

5) Mare shall be healthy and in sound breeding condition. A Uterine culture and Rhino shot is advised. Mare
Owner agrees to use qualified AI personal and proper care in insemination of mare. Stallion owner/agents will use
due diligence in settling the mare. If mare does not settle, stallion owner/agent is blameless.

6) Live Foal Guarantee: described as a foal that stands and nurses without assistance. If said mare dies,
proves barren, aborts her foal, or if foal is stillborn, one return breeding the following season only is
guaranteed, provided a written notification from a licenced veterinarian is delivered within seven (7) days of
death of mare or foal. A substitute mare can be used if agreed to in writing by Stallion Owner.

7.)There will be no refund of fees. Mares return in season the following year only. If mare does not settle
after 2 shipments, re-evaluation of mare is required prior to more semen being shipped. Mare owner shall be
responsible for additional Chute Fee with each shipment of semen ordered. Cash for Stallion Fee will be
refunded if Stallion dies, is sold, or becomes unserviceable prior to your collection. If mare/or substitute is Not returned for rebreeding the following year only, this shall void the mare owners right of return, and cancel any further breeding obligations on the Stallion owner.

8)This contract is non assignable and not transferable. A breeder's certificate will be issued to the Mare owner
after all expenses have been paid in full, and upon notification of birth of the foal .

9)ALIVIAS APPALOOSAS or Agents, is not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged semen.
No warranty, express or implied, shall accompany the Cooled Semen transferred as a result of this agreement.
Having been stated, it is fully understood that ALIVIAS APPALOOSAS/Agents will go out of its way to make certain that the packaging of semen shall meet/exceed the standards of our industry.

10) ALIVIAS APPALOOSAS /Agents are not responsible for the health/death of mare or foal for any reason at any time. We suggest that you fully Insure your Mare/Foal. All Vet and Farrier services shall be at the expense of the mare owner. We reserve the right to call a Vet/Farrier of our choice in the event of any Emergency.

11.) If the Mare is to be boarded/cared for,all expenses shall be paid in full prior to receiving a "breeder's certificate" upon foaling.

12.) All accounts payable and enforceable in Douglas County, Colorado. Should it be necessary for Alivia's
Appaloosas/Agents, to employ an attorney to enforce any terms of this agreement, including collection of
money owed, Mare Owner shall pay all reasonable attorney fees, costs of suits and other expenses incurred to
administer this contract. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties; any amendment
to or modifications of the terms of the agreement must be in writing.
ADVISORY: ApHC requires that all Mares, Foals, and Stallions are DNA tested to provide proof of
Parentage. (DNA Packets available only through the ApHC.) Navajo has DNA on file with ApHC.
Order your packets early! (6-8 weeks for results are in from labs.)



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