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About Me
Alivia's Appaloosas

So--who are we?

My husband (Mike) and I like to see lots of baby horses in the spring! Jumping and playing with each other--and oh--those personalitys! I grew up in Indiana and went to the Appaloosa and Quarter Horse Shows a bunch! Then went out and got a career. (We're both pilots.)So,we can arrange get-togethers on occassion with our other friends across the World.

Mike grew up mostly in Utah and the desert! We both chose Colorado as our home--so we could "Ride the Rockies!"
We not only ride horses--but motorcycles, and boats, and airplanes and hang-gliders off the beach too! And don't discount 4-wheeling, dirt biking, mountain biking and SCUBA DIVING as well! You name it--we have probably tried it! Come play with us! (Below is a picture of Mike and his other "wife!")

Goldwings in the Rockies; mediumsize=240pixels

We welcome all vistors, no matter whether you want to yak about horses, buy some horses, get referrals or just pass some time! Maybe visit about other things like great places to ride motorcycles or scuba dive too!
Email or call us!
(303) 840-0737

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Appaloosa World Show 2000!